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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi, there.

Alive Magazine did actually mention the bootcamp.  No pics that I know of!  I'll try to find a hard copy this weekend.

We have 5 people this camp, with the sister of a camper possibly joining us Monday.  Very fun.  Fun for them and for me.  It's more fun to lead a group when it's a group, and it's fun to write workouts for girls who have never done this. 

I downloaded all of Sarah Frances's pics from her camera this morning, so I hope to have some pics of everyone soon.  (Lillian broke ours, and SF's card has been full for months.)  I've been told I need to share them more often--and really who'd rather read my thoughts vs. glance through pics of my kids anyway?  Soon, Mom , soon. :)  It is true that I've missed tons of sweet moments, esp of Lillian being as little as she'll ever be.

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