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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Help Steve Malone

I just got this email tonight--the thread started this morning.  Maybe if you know Steve you'd be grateful to know about this opportunity to love and minister to him in his last months, but not happen to hear about it.  So I'm posting it here.


I am sure you have heard that Steve Malone has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It has spread to other organs and the medical prognosis is not hopeful.

I met with Steve recently. He is very weak and has to rest a lot. He has had his lungs drained of fluid three times. He started chemo last week and it wiped him out. He will have two more rounds then a break and I think they will try to determine if it is doing him any good. Apart from divine intervention, he does not have long. He is so weak right now he can't take calls.

His financial situation is not good. He can't work and has basically gone through all of his savings. I want to make an appeal to many who know him to consider helping him financially on a monthly basis. I have talked with our elders about accepting donations in our mercy fund for this purpose.

I would like to find 30 people who would support him for $100 a month until his death. Do you know people who might want to help? I know he has lost contact with many people and many have questions about all that has transpired.

I want to keep a roof over his head and try to help cover his living expenses for the remainder of his life. If anyone has any questions they can call or email me.

Checks can be sent to me made out to First Presbyterian Church and mailed to 105 S. George Wallace Drive, Troy, AL 36080.

Please forward this email to anyone who might want to help.

In Christ,

Michael Alsup


Michael Alsup
First Presbyterian Church
105 S. George Wallace Dr.
Troy, AL 36081
(334) 566-0817
fax 566-0878


  1. Thank you for posting this Rebecca!!!

    Love and Aloha, Em

  2. I just heard from Richard Vise that Steve Malone died this week from his fight against pancreatic cancer.

    Joel Hathaway

  3. Yes, Steve died Monday, May 23, 2011 at dawn, per his blog, http://allmannerofthingshallbewell.blogspot.com/2011/05/last-breaths.html

  4. Mike Alsup is still raising money to help pay for the funeral costs. So the need is not over. All please pray about helping to bury Steve. Mike Alsup is also taking donations for Penny and the kids if God is leading you in that area.

  5. I'm told you can also send help directly to

    Melanie Walker
    1106 28th Place South
    Birmingham, AL 35205