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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alabama Vacay at the Lake

Cruisin' on the Super Screamer--Sarah Frances, Catherine, Patrick and Madeline
Lillian and her bestest bud Andrew.

Sparklers are SO fun!

Cousins and friends all came for Sunday, July 3 to help the Browns celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Lake.

Madeline, Catherine, Corinne, and Sarah Frances had so much fun that day!

So did everyone else (this might be 25% of the people there)...

Granda, Grandpa, Lillian, Uncle Mike, Mamaw, and Gamma

 My parents with the kids and Peanut Butter (the dog)

 Daddy and his biggest girl.
One evening we made sheep out of Milano cookies, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate.

Turned out pretty cute!

The last full day, Lillian decided she wanted to try the Screamer too.

They were all pretty brave by the end of the ride.

Sarah Frances (and Catherine) did a great job knee boarding!

And Brian had a helper driving most of the time.

I just love this picture of her.  Love.

And that last afternoon, the Browns came and picked up the kids so Brian and I could enjoy a date-night at the lake.  It was the end of a perfect vacation!

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