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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"My Style"

So I was looking through Pinterest and admiring--more than admiring, actually pinning--some outfits I liked.  Guess what?  They all look the same.  See?  So I'm considering simplifying my wardrobe, especially now that I'll have to get dressed for work three days a week this school year. 

I have the jeans.  I have neutral shoes/sandals/boots.  It seems I need some fresh white tops and some colorful accessories and I'm set. 

Where to shop?  Target...Francesca's...make some of my own...reclaim some I've given to SFB...thrift stores...Steinmart...

I'm ready to look cute again, but not "I'm trying to be in my 20's" cute.  Cute, mom-of-four-wait-you-have-four!?, cute.

And since I'm pretty out of this game, any suggestions (or corrections if you see me out in something just wrong) are always appreciated!

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  1. You might want to try Anthropologie too. I only ever look at their sale stuff, and I typically only buy 1-2 things, but I always love what I find. And they have GREAT accessories too! And a few times/year they mark their sale items an additional 25% off.

    Target is always great too.

    I like your pinterest finds. Enjoy your hunt!