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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can't Sleep

Yesterday we helped some friends pack up to move, and now my mind is reeling with the work laid out before me to get this home ready to be transplanted in 2 months.  Our last move entailed having friends come throw all our stuff in boxes for us (for which I am still so grateful!), but this time I'm hoping I can be more organized.  And have less stuff to move.

Also, today is our baby boy's 5th birthday party!  His actual birthday is not until June 8, but his best friend is part of this family moving on Monday.  We couldn't have a party without Joshua Stephen Bean there!  But right now I can't remember if they provide paper plates and plasticware for cake...hmmmm...I guess I can stop at Target on the way home from coffee with MMA.  Anyway, I hope to post pics of the party soon.

Then there's all the "procedures" our family is having.  Yesterday, Brian's dad had cataract surgery.  Monday, my dad had and angiogram(?) but the blockage was so thick they couldn't do a stint or balloon.  He says now they'll just treat it with medicine.  (all this after a quadruple bypass...when??...)  Last week, Uncle Mike had bypass surgery following his heart attack in March.  Also last week, my Grandma was admitted to the hospital for a cough she's had for 2 months.  March and April brought thyroid cancer surgery.  Since January, another uncle has been in the hospital repeatedly for general but serious poor health related to obesity.  Over the last year and longer, there have been other stressful medical issues and procedures touching our family that we've been faithfully praying for.  There's lots to think and pray about, and this is just family! 

And so many, many of the families we love are moving, so it's also goodbye season.  We will really, really miss them!  Some are finishing seminary.  Others are moving for job changes.

Then it's the end of the school year craziness.  Teacher gifts, volunteering for field day and other class events...

Lots to think about and remember to not forget!  Thank goodness for a color-coded Google Calendar!  But I'm loving life right now too.  More on that later!

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