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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Odd Jobs

Yesterday I babysat for a friend, meaning there were 5 kids in the house.  Then there was a last-minute opportunity to do aftercare (3:15-5:30), which I jumped on.  Today there are 7 kids in the house.  Thursday and Friday I'm working aftercare again.

Yesterday, they guy I worked aftercare with asked how we're making it.  I laughed and said I'm pretty much whatever you need if you wave a few bucks in front of me.  I'll watch your kids, hem your pants, bake your meal, etc.  Brian will clean your man hole, mow your yard, cut your monkey grass back by hand (no kidding!) or move furniture, etc, if you need a worker.

It's going to be the summer of odd jobs, so give us a ring if you're in the STL area and need some hired help, especially in the yard-work arena.  We have at least one family who B will work for weekly, and we'd love more! 

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