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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're Moving!

I can't remember what I've shared on the blog, but here's the whole story:

We've been told our landlord is in jail for real estate corruption.  We know his company is bankrupt and we don't expect to be getting our depost back.  We've reported water damage for 19 months, and we're becoming concerned about mold that might be growing in the wall of our living room.  We though we'd stay here all 4 years, but we've decided it's best to move on.  Good news in all this?  I'm not worried about leaving the house pristine and clean. :)

One of Brian's professor's son's in-laws has a home 4.5 miles from the seminary and 2 miles from the Kirk, where Brian is an intern, and he's renting cheap to sem students.  We read about it on the sem website where people let them know about available off-campus housing.  We drove by it a few times, and it looks pretty unassuming for six bedrooms; we figured there are probably 2 down in the basement.  We did love that it's on a culdesac at the "corner" of a non-cut-through street.  (There is an island with grass and trees at this corner.) 

So a few weeks ago we were able to walk through it.  Have mercy--it's huge!  You walk into a foyer with a formal living room on the left and dining room on the right.  Walk ahead then turn left down a short hall beside the stairs on your right, and to your left (at the front of the house) is a bedroom, a full bath straight ahead, a big office with wall-to-wall bookshelves also ahead, and a master suite to the right.  The master suite has an enormous walk-in closet.  All the bedrooms have enormous closets.  It's there in the master that we notice double doors leading to the back patio and--A POOL!  Eek!

But, I digress.  Walk back toward the foyer and the stairs coming down on the left end up at the front left corner of a huge den.  This opens into a large eat-in kitchen (table on one side, U-shaped work-space on the other) that has ample cabinet and counter-top space!  (more than one drawer, yay!)  It also has sliding glass doors that lead ot the pool deck.  If you leave the kitchen going toward the front of the house, you walk first into a laundry/storage room then into a 2 car garage.  I'd be able to pull into the garage and basically unload groceries straight into the kitchen.  Now, that's been a dream of mine for years.

The upstairs has a large landing with 6 doors coming off of it.  Four of them are bedrooms; two are full baths.  The basement is entirely unfinished and has a 2nd fridge/freezer as well as a full-size deep freeze. 

So the lot is basically pie-shaped, and the back yard is wide.  The pool is right up against the house and fenced off from the rest of the yard.  It has lots of pretty vines, hostas, and sweet peas beginning to bloom.  The back side yard has a trampoline that stays with the house and the back-back of the lot is bordered by a creek that the kids can play in and that has vines hanging from the trees that are strong enough to swing on.  The wife in the house now told me the creek feezes over in the winter, and they took long walks on it exploring the area.

I'll admit all the water freaks me out.  Brian's not as worried.  The Baby Burgess story haunts me.  There's a bracelet alarm system that we're looking in to.  And I'll be praying every day for protection.

It really is the greatest hospitality house ever though, and that's apparently it's history as well.  We'll move in hopefully around mid-July, so give us a bit to settle in then come on over!  If you can get to us, we can house and feed you and even entertain you for free.  If you want to come early and help us move, even better! ;)


  1. What an amazing God! I love how He gives over and above our wildest imaginations!

  2. This sounds awesome! I am so excited for y'all! 4.5 miles in which direction? Toward the Kirk, I guess. So is it in Ladue? It sounds swanky ;)
    You'll be nearer to CCS that way too!

  3. Abby, it's in Chesterfield, in an 80's neighborhood with all the 80's wall paper still up. Not super swank, but still a huge blessing. We'll be about the same distance from CCS, and a little further for bootcamp. Still...we are grateful! Please stay with us if you come to town!

  4. Today when I saw you at Becky's party and overheard you speaking about a baby who fell into the water while the mom was in the shower (I walked in at the tail end so I didn't catch location and names), I had no idea you were talking about Bronner Burgess (Rick and Sherri). I should have known, though...we Birmingham peeps have much in common! So good to meet you today!