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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Madness

Wonderful madness, I tell you!  I woke up to a warm breakfast in bed: Sarah Frances made my coffee just the way I like it (she'd even asked specifics on Sat. so she'd know for Sunday), Catherine made her famous scrambled eggs for me (yes, all by herself), and I also had a slice of banana bread and half an orange on my plate.  It was all DELICIOUS!  And 8:00am to boot!

Then, once my eyes could focus, I saw hand-painted signs that said "Happy Mother's Day" on the bookshelf and streamers in the doorway.  The streamers were a fun and total surprise.  They're still up.

My gift is very meaningful to partly because of what it is but more because they've wanted to give it to me for months.  When they were shopping for Lillian's birthday in March, they found my favorite children's book, which I didn't own.  So for 2 months they've remembered and plotted and kept the secret until yesterday morning when I opened The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo.  Everyone should read this.  Everyone.  Brian bought me Stargazer Lillies on Saturday.  The whole house smells rich!

It was my week for nursery duty, so I kept the big girls with me.  I'd requested the itty-bitties, but there was another couple slated for that room...that is until they couldn't handle it and needed our help.  I got to hold a 9month old little girl whose mother is from Huntsville and the baby was consequently (very Southern) dressed in her grandmother's white Feltman Brother's gown.  She needed bouncing until she fell asleep in my arms.  Our nursery doesn't have cribs (what?), so I was stuck holding her the rest of the time.  Oh, woe is me! ;)

We went to Hacienda to get Mexican for lunch, a big treat, even if it took 2 hours to get through.  Once we finally got home, Brian took off to do some school work, and the older 3 kids went out to wash the car.  What fun it is to wash the car!  I should have taken pictures; instead I read my new book.

At 6 Brian got home and I scooted out to meet some girlfriends for a belated Cinco de Mayo mini-celebration.  I got back about 9:30, and found a Happy Mother's Day sign moved to the outside of the front door, welcoming me home.  Sweet, sweet icing on the cake!

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