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Friday, September 3, 2010

Beautiful Day

There could not possibly be a more beautiful day than God gave us today.  The storms came through last night and cooled everything off.  The high was in the mid-70's and there has been a cool breeze all day long.

This morning I got to slip away for a good hour and a half alone.  I've been reading ahead in Anne of Green Gables (it's been our read-aloud book lately), and I'm all caught up in it.  I wanted to be outside on this perfect day and enjoy the sunshine and breezes but also wanted to be more comfortable than a park bench would allow.  So I drove to the park and sat in the car in the shade with the windows rolled down so I could see and hear it all still.  And read in silence, without interruption, to my heart's content!

Then all afternoon the windows have been open.  And Brian has been home with us.  And we CLEANED the whole house together as a family all at once.  And tomorrow is a real Auburn day!  And people are coming over for the game!

Oh, but today is Sarah Frances's actual birthday.  The girl has racked up--lots of gifts and phone calls!  The Gayles are coming over for dinner to help celebrate.  Perfect ending to a perfect day!

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