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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Observant girls

Last night we saw a girl with a cute top that went over only one shoulder. After SF told her she liked it, she talked about how the girl stretched out the neck to wear it that way. Brian corrected her and said it was made that way because they ran out of material (ha!). Our ever-quick Catherine said, "Nuh-uh because they made 1000 of them that way."  Smart thinking!

Earlier that evening we passed some girls walking down the sidewalk.  I noticed that there were 2 of them and that they were interested in the dogs on the other side of the fence they were passing.  SF piped up about one of the girls' boots, how Madeline (our 11yo cousin) would like them because they were tall boots and black and how they'd probably fit her because they looked like they were a size 3 or 4.  She saw all that??  I was amazed and glad for the insight into how she thinks.  Then Brian surprised me with, "I knew she'd notice that!"  And now I know exactly where she gets it. :)

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