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Friday, September 10, 2010

Gone, gone, gone

Our friends, the Halfords, have left CTS to move back to Memphis.  They have had some pretty complicated and severe physical challenges in the last few months, namely Spence's detached retina requiring several surgeries still in progress and now Lindy's diagnosis of crohn's last week.  It's our first "seminary casualty" among dear friends.  And I am so very sad.  They hope to come back next fall, or even this spring if possible.

I am asking for your prayers for them.  And for the rest of us here.  As believers we are all targeted by Satan, but there are some pretty severe struggles going on among the students and their families at CTS.  Ask God to keep Satan at bay and provide a bigger hedge around us.  And I'll pray the same for you.  If there is anything specific, please, please let me know.

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