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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Older man

Marne and John Halsey had a new seminary couple over for dinner the other weekend, the former youth director and his wife at Covenant Pres in Bham.  They were talking over dinner about people they knew in common, and the husband started telling a story about when he brought the Jr. High kids up to STL for a quick trip this past summer.  They spent the night at Covenant Pres here, and one morning they saw an "older man" they didn't know wandering around the church.  At first they were a little alarmed--they weren't expecting anyone and it sounds like most of the kids were still asleep?--but they thought it was probably someone who worked there since it looked like he knew where he was going.  But it was an older man he described.

It was Brian.  Yes, he still had his full beard, which does give him an aged look.  But "older?"  Really?

Marne and I just laughed and laughed.  Since I haven't met them, I asked how old they are?  Surely in their early 20's?  No...in their 20's but mid to late probably. 

I remember just before we left Bham having a conversation with a good friend about the new young ladies coming to the church, single and still in or just out of college.  We laughed that they look at us, still young but with a load of young kids, like we looked at Kelly and Pamela and others when we were their ages.  How funny! 

Who am I kidding?  I have 4 kids.  My oldest is EIGHT.  Years, that is; not months.  I AM older.  And graying very quickly to prove it!  I guess I just don't feel as old as I look.  I hope it's always that way!


  1. You look 27. Max. I usually wonder HOW you could have four kids (not how, but how. . . ) Silly kids. I sooooo get this post.

  2. Aimee and I were just realizing this very fact not too long ago. Although I still have preschoolers, I am the age that all those ladies were when I thought they were so old! I always attribute my feeling young to the fact that my stage in life right now looks more like a 26 year olds :)..... Ladies who are 33 already have all their children in school and are finished having babies, right?

  3. You're so not old :-) And the couple you're speaking of is my new next door neighbor!

  4. I was just telling a friend last night that while I don't mind the idea of aging gracefully, I most certainly do not want to look OLD!! But I suppose our bodies betray us all at some point. Recently, we had some couples over, and the husband was looking at a picture of Bobby and I taken at a rehearsal dinner right after Caroline was born, so 10 years ago. He says to Bobby(with me standing right behind him), "Wow, you look exactly the same, but Elizabeth looks a lot younger here." Um, yeah...I conveniently forgot to serve him dessert.