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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sarah Frances's "Room"

This summer when we moved Sarah Frances out of the main bedroom upstairs and into the side of the playroom, she moved from a full to a twin size bed.  The only twin bedding we have is very, very boy-ish and would have been what we worked with had a grandmother not stepped in and offered to get her some new bedding.  This thrilled the soul of our oldest, a very funky yet girly girl, who has lately been craving and begging for her "own."  Own space.  Own 1:1 time with us.  Own stuff.

Her bed is tucked on the other side of a half wall, so the other grandmother offered to make her a funky half-wall of ribbons to give her more privacy yet also let the air flow through.  We hung it up today.  This is the completed "room."

Pretty cool, huh?  It's a one-of-a-kind!  And here's a shot of them all from the middle of the "playroom."

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