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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CRAZY, I tell ya!

What is WRONG with me that each month I am secretly hopeful that I'm pregnant?  I mean, it would be the 1 in 2000 chance that B's snipping procedure failed.  So why, a day or 2 before it should be confirmed that I'm not, do I get a little excited at the idea that I am?

This is the longest in our entire marriage that we've gone without a new baby.  Lillian is 2 1/2 exactly.  Maybe that's just it.  It's just what we do.  Have babies.  But not anymore.  As it should be!

But I held a tiny 3 month old twice Tuesday and it felt soooo good.

And I always thought I wanted to be finished by 30. (and God was very gracious--missed it by 1 month).  But no one does that anymore!  My friends are still having babies, or just starting even!  Maybe that's part of it too.

Bottom line, I am just crazy.  CRAZY, I tell ya! 

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  1. I'd always hoped for a suprise, until I got it :). We're never truly content.