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Friday, June 17, 2011

The BIG and EXCITING Announcement

The BIG and EXCITING Announcement:

To win a FREE month of Boot Camp for you and a friend of your choice ($398 value- two 3-day/week camps) you need to already BE A MEMBER OF THIS FACEBOOK PAGE, https://www.facebook.com/stl.adventure.bootcamp, OR JOIN it for the vote to count. If you are already a member then you just post “St. Louis Adventure Boot Camp ROCKS and I want to join up for FREE!” on the page. Get your friends to like the page and vote for you by posting on the page "ST LOUIS ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP ROCKS, AND SO DOES ___________”(insert name of person they are voting for to win).

The person with the most votes by 11pm on Friday, June 24 wins! You have one week to tell your friends, ask them to be a member of this page, and then to VOTE for You!! They must be a member of the group for the vote to count. Only 1 vote per person. The free camps must be redeemed in 2011. Winner will be announced Saturday, June 25.

Let’s ROCK this facebook group!


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