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Sunday, June 19, 2011

False Community

Ever wanted to tell a story about what you were up to lately to a friend who reads your blog?  And you realize she already knows what you're going to say because you published it a few days ago?

Ever felt like you know someone when you don't really know them in person?  Like you follow them on FB so you know what's going on but don't ask in person so that you don't seem like a stalker?  Or seem like even more than just an aquaintance?

Ever realized you haven't had a real conversation with a real live friend in way too long because you can keep up with them online?  Or that a friend--a real friend whom you love--is moving but it's not going to affect your relationship much because it's mostly over the computer anyway?

Ever realize but not care that you're spending too much time on the computer when there are other much more needed things to be done around the house? or with people in the house?

Ever thought people think they know YOU because they read your blog?  That they think everything is honky-dory because you don't publish all the junk (edited for Mrs. Abernathy) that's going on in your mind and life?

Ever wish people would update their blog so that you'll know what's going on with them and you're tired of waiting for an update?  But not tired enough to call them because you don't have their number since you haven't actually spoken since high school?

Ever considered that blogging and following blogs are the new soap opera for at-home moms who need an escape from their small world often filled with small people?

Ever realized how ironically lonely it is to be a part of such a large and actively involved group of people?


  1. LOVED the edit! I laughed out loud on that one. Can't wait to see you!