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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go Cards!

This week is apparently the week of Cardinals games for us.  My parents gave Patrick some birthday money for he and Brian to go to a game together.  I asked some friends who would know about the best way to get tickets, and one of them gave us FOUR.  Four GREAT seats!

So we were able to call Patrick's friend, Alex, and his dad, Dan, to go with them.  They were about 20 rows behind the third base dugout, and Dan caught a foul ball!  Patrick ate a hot dog, nachos, a pretzel with honey mustard, had lemonade and Sprite to drink, and bought a souvenir mini-bat.  Oh, and they rode the Metro to and from the game. 
Albert Pujols
What a perfect night to celebrate a little boy turning five!  Thank you, Gamma and Mary Ann!

Then we got an email last night from a friend who wanted to give us 5 tix they couldn't use for tonight!  So off we go this evening too to cheer for our red birds!  This is turning out to be an amazing staycation!!

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