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Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving Madness

The kids are back.  The Browns leave tomorrow.  Many thanks to them and my parents for taking them so we can pack.  They had a really great time in both spots!

The kitchen is moved, spices and all.  Time for macky cheese, hot dogs, and frozen pizza.  Some of the hanging clothes are gone too.  And the see-saw, roller coaster, and most of the patio furniture.  The closets are mostly empty.  The basement has been cleared out.

I suppose it's time to reserve a big truck to get the last of whatever's here in a week and a half.

I suppose I should pack for the vacation we're taking the day after we move out so I know where all those necessities are when it's time to throw everything else on the truck.

It's 9:34pm, and I'm so wiped out I can't see straight.  I've taken a full van load over to the new house every day for well over a week; that means I loaded it and unloaded it.  But I'm SOOOOOOO craving a real Coke.  But I don't want the caffeine.  But I'd go chug from the 2L if I didn't think it'd keep me up till midnight.  But a sip couldn't hurt, I don't think...

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  1. I feel your pain! Try some caffiene free Coke!