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Monday, June 20, 2011

Helpful and Convenient

Ever lived far away from family but been so so so so thankful to be able to keep up via FB, blogs, and Skype?

Ever wondered what happened to old so-and-so from high school, googled her name, and found out she lives in your town now?  You touch base for fun and now you're best friends? (no, me either; but it could happen.)

Ever been overwhelmingly grateful to be able to keep up on FB with all the people you're blessed to know for just one or two years in person?

Ever realized that without the internet, all those goodbyes in May would really be so-long-for-goods, at least till heaven.

Ever wondered what it was like for Ma to leave her family in the Big Woods, not knowing if she'd ever see or hear from them again, and been grateful it's not that way for us?

Ever thought of how much paper is being saved because we blog online vs. writing in journals?

Ever considered how many hand-written letters, envelopes, and stamps it would take to replace one day's emails?

Ever been repeatedly amazed that there are always two sides to the same coin?

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