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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sum, sum, summertime!

The girls started swimteam this week, and I'm so proud of them!  They're both the fastest in their lanes and often the first to the wall at their 8 and Under practice.  Although I really thought I wouldn't be "that mom," I find myself leaning toward the wall that they're swimming towards, even if it IS only practice!  And I'll confess I actually clapped in enthusiasm when the coach was pumping them up to kick hard enough to move the wall.  Then I got embarrassed, although I'm sure no one else noticed me.  And it was the first day.  I'm cool now.  Perfectly chill.

We joined our community pool, different than our swimteam pool, this week as well.  We've been a couple of times already; it's as fun as last year.  There's the lazy river, three-story twisty and straight slides, and fountains and baby slides in the zero-entry pool, plus the low and high springboards in the competition pool.  This year we also have friends we see from last year.  We added Mary Martha to our family membership too so that she can come play with us or babysit there. 

I got the littles signed up for swimming lessons that start next week.  Patrick is already swimming enough to go off the diving board, so he'll be improving his strokes.  My main focus is to get Lillian able to get to the side on her own.  My prayer is that we can do this before we leave for the lake July 1.

Can you tell we like the water??  It's going to be a wet, wet summer.  A great, great summer!

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