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Monday, June 13, 2011

Head 'Em Up...

...and move 'em out!

The gist of the last week is that I'm packing the house.  My parents came last weekend and left with Patrick and Lillian on Wednesday.  The kids went with Lilla and Jim (my in-laws) on Saturday and they will all come back this Wednesday.  So while I have just 2 kids, and big, helpful kids at that, I'm packing, loading the van, and unloading at the new house as much as possible.  Our final, big-furniture move date is the end of this month.  Until then, our landlord is being oh so gracious to let us take things over as we can.

This past Saturday some friends came and helped us mov their furniture (have I said it is a fully-furnished house?) around in the house to the places where we'd use or store it.  So now it's ready for our things to come.

Today though I am tired.  I need perseverance, but first swimteam!  I am still dressed from bootcamp this morning.  I thought I'd go walk the track during practice, but I'm reconsidering.  Maybe another hour of rest will help me work harder for the rest of the day?

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