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Monday, January 17, 2011


What do you do when you're so angry you could punch a hole in the wall?  I usually break a hairbrush by banging it on a solid surface.  Or scream. 

I'm so ready to quit this homeschool stuff.  My attitude stinks.  The girls' attitudes stink.  They would never, NEVER treat a teacher the way they treat me!  Or at least I hope they wouldn't.  At least they'd be in BIG trouble if they did.  Plus I hope I would be more patient with a troublesome person than I am with my troublesome little people sitting right here at this table with me listening to me huffy-puffy typing this out, banging the space bar loudly every time I hit it.

Ahhhhhhhh!  Everything right now pisses me off.  It's like I have terminal PMS, but it's circumstances and not hormones.  Rise above the circumstances, Rebecca.  Be a big girl.  Act like a grown up. 

Lord willing the school stuff will change next year.  No details to share yet, but we are praying God will provide an opportunity for me to work and put the kids all in school where Patrick is.  LORD WILLING!  Father, please have mercy on us all.  Please.

And please, Lord, do something with the house.  Soon. 

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  1. hang in there! from what i can tell, you're doing great!