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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Detox

Am I just a meanie?  Do I tell my kids no to sweets every other minute because I like to be in control?  No.  I'm not a meanine.  It really does matter that they don't have so much sugar.

Am I a meanie because I tell them to read a book vs. watch a movie during afternoon down time?  Does it really matter one way or the other?  I think so.

It takes more effort to keep "fighting" them, but I'm trusting it will make a difference in their long-term health and wellness to have healthy habits established now.

We eat entirely too much junk.  We watch entirely too much tv.  Holidays were a break from the norm for all of us.  I had as much rest as they had fun.  Time to shape it up, kids.  All of us!

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