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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

War Eagle! and Winter! and Birthdays! and Sickness!

I. love. Auburn.  I love being an Auburn Tiger.  And I love Auburn football.  And we just won the National Championship.  Congrats to everyone who was involved with the team!  We are so proud of you!

And I'm cold.  So very cold.  There is ice on the INSIDE of my kitchen windows.  Outside, right now at 10:26am, it is 13 degrees, but feels like -2.  Our internet wasn't up this morning, but I'd like to have known what it was when I headed out for bootcamp this morning at 5:15am.  I'm seriously bringing up the big coffee maker this afternoon.

Today is Catherine's 7th birthday.  For some reason that makes me feel older than having an 8yo (Sarah Frances).  My second child is that old, ya know?  How old will I feel when Lillian is 7!  Catherine's milking it too--yummy food for all 3 meals today, lots of presents from family already opened (thank you so much!), and cupcakes to take to her sweet class tonight at church. 

Earlier we girls all had to go out in the -2 weather because Sarah Frances has been complaining for a couple of days that it hurt to swallow.  Then yesterday she put herself to bed for an afternoon nap.  Last night I noticed a rash on her back when I was scratching it.  So off to the doctor we went first thing--after opening gifts of course.  It's strep.  And strep with a rash used to be called scarlet fever.  Dr. Birmingham (you read that right) says they don't give that diagnosis anymore because it freaks people out, but that's what she has. 

So it's a mixed bag today--joy and sickness.  One day there will be no sickness.  And everyday we'll feel as special as we do on our birthdays.  And it will be warm, but not too hot.  Maybe we'll all be Auburn fans too, since our eyes will be free to see what it means to be part of the Auburn family and that it's about as good as being a part of the Family.  :)

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