Fall 2013-dark leaves

Friday, January 14, 2011


OK, I admit I sometimes feel like a pretty cool girl (then other days I have great awareness of what a nerd I am, but I digress).  And I often think I have some pretty good stuff to offer others by way of experience, insight and advice.  I hope I listen well.  I really enjoy being in relationship with others, and I usually feel that I can hang with them in the coolness and insight departments.  I also feel like I have a special corner in the "my life is difficult right now" department.  Ewww...I'm being honest here...realize I am disgusted at the pride and arrogance I read in these words, like I expect you are.  Yuck!  Yuck!

Well, today I have discovered the blog of a friend who thinks like me and rambles in her writing like me, but so much better.  This girl is so much cooler and insightful than I am (although she, unlike me, would probably disagree with this analysis, lol), and I so want to be her friend.  I know I've said that about other people, but the difference is that we're already friends.  But now I just want to sit down, listen to her talk, and LEARN from her.  Empathize with her.  Be reminded of all the many, many blessings I have, no matter how hard it might be right now.  Be HUMBLED.

I like being humbled like this.  Really.  It feels good to move things closer to a right perspective.


  1. Okay - I just saw your "new" background and L.O.V.E it.

    I am so glad someone finally called me cool. LOL.

  2. Oh, you are THE coolest, Becky. ;) I am SO thankful to call you friend. And so thankful that you blog from the heart so that I can get to know you better, because heaven knows we won't be able to spend the time together it would take to hear all your stories.

    Oh, and can we get in on your April yard sale?