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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shot Down

It took less than 2 hours of careful evaluation by the HR department to determine they are pursuing other candidates who more closely meet the requirements of the OT PRN position that I applied for.

Boo.  I let my friend who works there know, but if I can't get past HR, there may be nothing her boss can do even if he wants me.  (We've never met.)

I'm going to apply some other places.  And if I'm not supposed to be working (more), I won't be.  I am disappointed--who wants to be told they aren't good enough?--but there is also some relief, for now.  The idea itself was pretty overwhelming the last few days.  We'll see how God wants to provide for our needs. 

Now I'm off to clean, clean, clean and do laundry.  Two of the crew threw up all afternoon yesterday and last night.  At least it will feel good to have a clean, clean, clean house.

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