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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joyful Visits

In looking over my last few posts, the titles are very sad and dreary.

I'm on a mission to post on the positive.

I'll start with the fun we had this weekend with my cousin, Alicia.  She flew up from Crowley, LA, for a visit and jumped right in with us, sickness and all.  She came to bootcamp with me and we hit the Magic House on Friday.  Saturday, while I stayed home resting, she went with Brian and the crew to the arch.  Patrick picked up a stick out of the Mississippi River that looks like a walking stick some old man worked on smoothing out for a million hours.  It's the perfect size around and height.  I hope we keep it forever. 

Anyway, back to Alicia.  She and I are both Pruitts by birth (definitely cut from the same cloth), and she's an easy and fun guest to have.  We drove all around STL this afternoon, and she flew out tonight at 6--it was a great visit.

And we have more guests slated for visits--an old Occupational Therapy classmate is in town this week, the Browns later in Feb, a former youth-group girl in early March (the rest of you should come up too!), and my sister for her spring break also in March.  We love having people over...just let us know when you want to come.  If you don't mind a couch or air mattress, we have plenty of space. 

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  1. I love having guests. I am amazed at how energized and motivated I am for them. I am glad you had this bright spot in the middle of a tough week. THROW UP! I am so SORRY! Praying for the OT job. Love you!