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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fire Damage Rescue

We just got a call from an insurance rep who is house-shopping for a family who lost theirs in a fire.  Would we be willing to do a 6mo. minimum lease then month-to-month after that?  What appliances are there?  How do the others hook up?  Could they possibly see it tomorrow and move in Friday? 

Wait...could they move in Friday??  Yes, yes, yes!

She expects to get back to us today to move forward on this. 

We are prayerfully hopeful we could actually have renters BEFORE the start of the month!  Only the Lord could come up with this...


  1. They will see it tomorrow (Wed.) at 4. If they like it, the insurance company with furnish it and move them in Friday. I'm holding my breath!

  2. i am smiling and shaking my head. His plot twists are. . . twisty.