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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bikes and Haiti

For Christmas all the kids together asked Santa for a bike trailer so we could go on rides as a family. This morning I figured out how to put the attachment on B's bike, and off we all went! I pulled Patrick and Lillian and Sarah Frances and Catherine were on their own bikes. (B is at CFA.) What fun we had! We rode along back roads to the library and back, a total of about 35 minutes. I like having big kids! I hope we can keep doing that as the weather permits.

We saw 2 families we knew on our ride. One was out as we passed their house and another was walking out of the library as we pulled up. That's fun. It's so good to see people you know when you're out. Makes it feel more like home.

Did you watch the Hope For Haiti Now last night? We did a little bit. There were some amazing musical acts playing, but I was hesitant to let the girls watch Anderson Cooper talk to the 15yo trapped under the rubble as we stare at her lower leg and foot. I don't mind them knowing what happened, and this is a great opportunity to address a ton of issues, but if they're as visual as I am, a scene like that could haunt them later. It is exciting however to see the world rally around people in need.

I read somewhere that over half the population there is children. I also read an article at http://ow.ly/YE1h about some horrible things happening to them. I can't imagine. Lord, please have mercy on them!

It's not supposed to be this way.

Makes me so thankful for His graces to us--like riding bikes with my kids in a place that feels more like home every day.

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