Fall 2013-dark leaves

Friday, January 15, 2010

It actually passed through my mind the other day when I started with, "I'm so proud of myself," that I was asking for it. But today is better than yesterday.

It actually began improving when last night Mary Martha walked in as I was pushing the "Publish Post" button. I haven't seen her in a month, and her hug felt so good. She helped cook dinner and ate with us, then accompanied us to Julie and Frank Theius's house for a Covenant-Sem-student-at-Covenant-Church dessert. Brian was working, and I was grateful for her help. And the kids cooperated surprisingly well. And on the way home, Patrick's teacher called and had very kind, reassuring words for me.

Cathrine Holohan invited us over to play and for lunch today. She is amazingly Southern to be original to St. Louis. Her girls (4 yr and 22mo) wear precious smocked or monogrammed "trunk show" clothes, and she served me chicken salad. Refreshing! She is becoming a good friend, and we are rejoicing with her and Barth that they are expecting #3.

Tonight we are not going to The Magic House (sorry, Mary Beth) because we have to be home together, just our family, sometime. And we need to clean out the fridge. I love left-over nights! Esp. on a Friday. And the kids took early naps today, so hopefully they'll go to bed early too.

Plus, if the kids go down early, we can watch The Office, which is really my main focus of the whole day. We're still working through Season 5, and now we're motivated to get through it because Laruabeth Medlock sent over the first season of Arrested Development. That should be fun too. And they said Modern Family is like The Office for families. Have you seen it?


  1. So far, 2010 has been an exercise in learning that I am not sufficient AT ALL! I've had to ask for help regarding things that I really should have been able to handle myself, but can't. AND... Eric has pulled undershirts out of the dryer for the last 3 days, but at least they were clean right? :)....

    whatever.... I learning to be glad that I'm a mess because it means I need Jesus!

  2. Yea for a friday night in! Arrested Development is awesome...we own all of it, I think....totally quirky, really funnier than the office. We are practically kidless tonight...oldest three spending the night with my mom...went to dinner with the baby, now back home and he's down for the count...time to relax!