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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sixth of January

It's 8:26, and I've said my goodnights and kissed all my bebes. I can't believe it's this early. Today was a great day, and I guess we're all just worn out from the excitement.

Brian is not taking classes during JanTerm, and his hours this week at ChickFilA have stayed the same. What a treat to have him home so much! Today we took everyone to the Magic House to buy our memebership for the next year (thanks, Uncle John and Aunt Emily!), and showed him around. It's like McWane Science Center in Bham but much lighter and open feeling and twice as big. One major difference that I don't like is that one room always leads to another. It's not like I could sit at the entrance/exit of a room and know they are playing safely around the corner even if I can't see them. So I was glad to have Brian with me to help keep up with everyone.

So we're all wiped out from our afternoon--Lillian especially, since the poor 4th child missed her nap so the family could have fun together. She has crashed, but the others are wired. It's snowing outside. I mean, really snowing. And they are more pumped than they were on Christmas eve. Brian took us out on the front porch before shooing them off to bed so they could see the whole street, all the cars, the roofs, and most of the grass are blanketed already. And it's supposed to keep snowing all night. Four to six inches accumulation. Next week is Catherine's birthday (can't believe she'll be 6!), and we got her a sled today for an early gift. Maybe I can put up pics tomorrow. Look for a snowman. Oh, I wish I had a carrot!

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