Fall 2013-dark leaves

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today is not supposed to be this way. Almost nothing has gone right. Or left. It mostly just tanked.

I need a location to have my bootcamp. The school I hoped to use fell through.

My son aparently (although new to me in the last month) has language processing issues, and we're pursuing getting him some speech and language services. This required his teacher to fill out an eval that brought me to tears--do I really know my own child?

This morning I had to quit grading the girls' math workbook pages because so many problems were wrong. I thought we "got" subtraction!

I'm so busy that I'm incapable of cleaning my own house to the point that my husband spent his morning today scrubbing the bathroom and doing all the dishes and laundry. He says he doesn't mind, but that's not his job. And what happens when he starts back to school? Life simply can not revert to the way it was last semester.

And I've put on 7# since we moved here and my new jeans from Christmas got dried accidentally and now they don't fit.

And now my oldest just brought me a drawing that says "Have a Happy Day" with a sad face "x"ed out and a smily face circled.

But we did get out for a birthday lunch (milking it even more) with the Woods and happened to see 2 other friends there at the mall. Then I went by a Hannah Kate show for 15 minutes on the way home. And now I ache for home.

But not for the home in Bham. For Heaven. Oh, to be with Jesus! Oh, to be freed from all these cares and yuck! Oh, to have unlimited joy! Oh, to have all of the "already" and be finished with the "not yet".

I guess I'm going to go eat a bunch of celery. At least it starts with a "C" so it's kinda like chocolate.


  1. Boo for bad days. I'm sorry it was so rough!

  2. Thanks for being so honest, Rebecca. I'm sorry it was yucky...bad days are the worst, but sounds like this was worst than most. I did have to laugh at the last line, though...celery is like chocolate b/c it starts with a "c"...that is classic! :)