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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sarah Frances said this week, "I miss our regular house in Birmingham."

Mom and Dad are here through Tuesday. We are so glad they made the drive up! We plan to go on a drive tomorrow and head down to the arch. The Magic House is closed on Mondays or we'd probably try to do that too. Maybe next time. They took us to lunch this afternoon to the Bread Co. Yum!

I've been reading Stepping Heavenward lately. Have you read it? I should probably just consistently re-read it as soon as I'm finished. I'm a much more patient parent and considerate wife when I strive alongside Katy.

This morning in Sunday School, we talked about living vulnerably in our communities (surburbia in particular), beginning with the church. The bottom line is that if we are willing to share our messes, we are more able to minister to the Body and live out the gospel with each other. I come from a church where I feel like we did that well, and I hope that community at Covenant PCA grows to the same extent. Or maybe just that I become so much a part of the community there that I experience it here like I did in Bham.

The thing is it all starts with having our identity in Christ. If our security, significance, and satisfaction are in Christ, we are free to share openly and with risk. Risk of humiliation at being "found out" to not have it all together. Risk of what if people don't care? Or even what if people run away from me? But we can risk it because Jesus already knows our mess and has already worked out a plan using it for His glory and our good. And for the good of the Body.

I love that we're talking like this! I hope to be a good example of how to live it out.

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