Fall 2013-dark leaves

Thursday, January 14, 2010


And now I'm tempted to erase the last post b/c I don't want to complain; we all have our struggles, why are mine worth reading about? But, again, I want you to be encouraged that even though I'm saved by grace, my life is still a mess. So I'll leave it.


  1. I feel bad saying this b/c I don't want you to get the wrong idea--I'm sorry things are rough, and I'm not glad to hear of your troubles--but this post WAS encouraging. I've always thought of you as a sort of "super" woman(and you totally still are in my book :)), but what you're going through is HARD!! It is encouraging to read the tough things you're going through, and then pass by the title of your Christmas letter..."God is good...all of the time" You know that's true. I know that's true...His grace IS sufficient. We just have to remind ourselves of that continually, and remember our frailty, and trust that God remembers it too.

  2. Thank you, E. I'll admit this is HARD. And it's honestly the first time I've done my best and it's still not good enough to pass. Realizing THAT has been as hard if not harder than the actual living it. Humbling. :S Thank YOU for encouraging me. Kind words are a love language I'm learning are more effective to me than I realized.