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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I stopped just 10 minutes ago (this was written at 6:50am) to count the number of sounds I heard in my house: the dishwasher, washer, dryer, 2 older girls dancing and squealing to the loud music on the stereo, a baby girl whining, and a door squeaking as it closed.

Too much!

One day the house will be quiet and I will be sad.

Mom and Dad left this morning. As he was getting in the car, Dad said, "We'll come back soon." And Catherine said, "OK, come back tomorrow." It was a good visit. We tried to hang curtains in the living room to help keep in the drafts from the windows, but the wall isn't sheetrock so it was a little more involved. Mom finished a couple of cute dresses for the girls. I'm so thankful she loves to sew. I hope to sew for my grands one day too.

This afternoon Brian was asking Patrick how school was today. Sarah Frances thought he was addressing her and replied, "Great!" with the enthusiasm of Wade, Laura or Anna Gardner Herren. What sweet words of affirmation from my daughter and student! We started back to school after Christmas by establishing some Class Rules together. How did I miss that step back in the fall? SF has said several times since that she's glad we have them and how they've helped her get her work done. What else will I look back on and wonder how I missed it for so long--both in the classroom and personally?

Let me know if you can help me with that.

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