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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Endless Labors

I am so proud of myself! Last night Brian was working till close, and after I got the kids down I was free to spend my time as I cared. Did I go make a hot chocolate and Bailey's and snuggle up to read Stepping Heavenward till I drifted off even though there was plenty of work to do? No! I actually baked a birthday cake and 24 cupcakes (that girl is milking this b'day thing).

And now, as the little ones are asleep and Brian has taken the big girls back to the ice skating rink, am I going to sit down and read? No! I am going to decorate said birthday cake and make spaghetti sauce and salad for tonight's dinner with the Medlocks.

I remember when I used to take a nap EVERY afternoon when the girls were little. And, really, even until Patrick was about 1. Then the laundry started to eat my house and the dishes absolutely had to be run, emptied, and reloaded every single day, and if I were going to do any kind of cleaning it had to happen during naptime. But those were the days.

One day I'll read again. I may actually sit down again one day.

A friend was lamenting recently that she struggled to find 15 minutes to sit down and read the Word. I agree! I encouraged her to find a verse or 2 to process and chew on throughout the day, vs. trying to clock in time reading Scripture. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening is a good book for that. Our pastor and his wife gave us a copy when we got married, and I've recently picked it back up. It's been a big help in encouraging and admonishing me in my walk this fall.

Anyway...that cake's not giong to decorate itself... Is there a verse somewhere about cake decorating?


  1. Such a selfless mama! Thank you for the idea about chewing on the verse! Hey - lets get together soon. Do y'all go to the free Friday night at The Magic House? One is this Friday, Caroline and I may go. Y'all wanna come?

  2. I'll definitely talk to Brian and let you know! It sounds like fun. We definitely need to get together, regardless--and sooner than later. Would David be at TMH for Brian to play with? :)

  3. No, David is going to birmingham this weekend for a friends wedding. I saw Brian at Chick-fil-a tonight!!