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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catherine's Birthday

Do you ever put a newly opened 2L Diet Coke poured into the perfect sized cup with just the right amount of ice in it on top of your car while you're loading the kiddos and drive away without remembering it's up there? I love it when that happens.

Today is Catherine's birthday. She's six. I've considered her to be six years old ever since Sarah Frances turned six. I wonder what kind of psychological damage I'm doing to her by always having lumped her in with her big sis? I've always expected the same out of both of them, behavior-wise. I wish I had treated her more like a baby when she was one. I mean, she was five yesterday. That's much younger than the seven that SF is. When Lillian's five, I'll probably still let her drink out of a sippie cup.

The snow is still on the ground. We ended up with 4+ inches--did I already say that? The Woods are coming over to sled this afternoon after naps. It might be our last time for this round of snow; the high tomorrow is 40-something. Yesterday it got up to 30, and we were about ready to play outside without coats. At least we could play without hats and scarves. Sarah Frances taught me how to slide down the steep part of the hill on my knees. We raced to see who would slide farther. She won.

Yesterday might be my favorite day of homeschooling, if only because I was free to play outside in the early afternoon in the snow with all my kids, and they were all able to play together as well.

But re-registration and sibling-registration packets are coming home from Patrick's school this week. We're seriously considering sending the girls, if they can afford to take us in on what we can afford to pay. I'll guess we'll see what God's plan is. He's getting pretty good at making it clear to us. I'd gladly(?) homeschool again if needed. It would probably be better for our family if I didn't. The whole load of all this up here has driven me to counseling. So pray God will make it plain and that we (I) will joyfully accept His plan for us.


  1. Praying for you, friend....can't even imagine.

    Happy Birthday to Catherine! 6 is HUGE!

  2. Heard today (again) that they will find a way to have your kids attend if that's what you really want, that the headmaster has ways of finding the money from sources we can't imagine. So we're going to meet with him soon and share our wishes. I'm hopeful! :)