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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Brian had worked at Blue Cross for 8 1/2 years when he left for a new career path. His office gave him a going-away luncheon at Lloyd's on Hwy 280 in Birmingham. It's this great local meat and three that he and his cronies enjoyed frequenting. Anyway, they invited me to come along.

On my way to lunch I realized I had very dry skin. Now, I am a very content SAHM, but it's nice to feel good about the way I look when I'm going to be around professional people. So on my way there, I hunted down my lotion (another reason I'm content that my car is like a closet--I have almost anything I need right at hand...somewhere), BUT it was my "smelly" lotion. I needed it on my arms and legs, as it was mid-summer, and I knew if I used all I needed the scent would be overpowering when I went in to lunch.

So I compromised--used what I needed and then rode to Lloyds with the windows down in the car so I could "air out" before I arrived. Later I told Brian my predicament, and he said that he noticed I had on a fragrance when I walked in. Great, I thought, now I'll forever be known as The Smelly Wife. I was a little late so I had to walk in alone across the entire room, vacant but for BCBS people, so it's not like I could blend in and wonder with everyone else who the Smelly Person was. Oh, well.

It makes me think of having the Aroma of Christ. We are told to put off the old and put on the new. When do I put off the old habits and put on Christ? Only when I go out among other Christians and want to appear my best? Or do I seek to be godly in even the mundane tasks of a SAHM? I hope that the changes God has made to my heart result in my giving off the Aroma of Christ all the time. I wouldn't mind being known for that. :)

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