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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nakie Baby

Lillian has gotten into the habit of taking her diaper off by herself. She pulls her pants all the way off and pushes her diaper down at the waist till it comes off too. Thankfully (for me) the only time it happened when she was dirty, I was out alone and Brian had to deal with it. He did find the dirty diaper thrown in the closest trash can, so she does have the right idea. But last night she did it 3 times while she was in the crib before she settled in to sleep. So I started spanking her for it.

I mean, why doesn't she get it that I know what's best for her? That to disobey me means she is choosing to expose herself to a yuckiness that she can't comprehend? See where I'm going with this...

Well...why don't I get it that God knows what's best for me and that disobeying Him means I'm choosing to dive into sin, resulting in consequences I can't readily comprehend?

I suppose I'll have to dress her in onesies and "putty jammies" (Patrick's pronunciation of "footie jammies") for a while. Or keep spanking her. Or both. Doesn't God use multiple ways of teaching us too?

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  1. I sighed today and actually had the thought, "Geez, kid, when are you going to get it?" b/c I am so tired of disciplining for the same set of sins over and over and over... then my conscience was pricked and I remembered the temper I have yet to master and the tounge that often gets away from me.... thank God He is not like me!