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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cleaning before the sickness

Yesterday we had a Life Skills day for homeschool. That's a fancy way to say we cleaned house. Sarah Frances and I worked hard on the upstairs bathroom because, frankly, it's been a while. And for those of you with little boys, you know (as I do) how even a little while is too long to wait to clean again. Well, it had been longer than a little while. Gross!!

Later in the afternoon, we loaded up the kids and went to The Heights, Richmond Heights' community and rec center. Our city councilman had given us passes when we moved in, and we were saving them for a rainy day. Or a snowy day for that matter, as was the case yesterday. They have this amazing indoor pool with a graded shallow area full of fountains and slides for little ones, then a lazy river and a 3 story twisty slide for bigger kids (like Brian). We all had a BLAST. If this family loves playing anywhere, it's in the water.

Well, about 1am, Lillian starts fussing. I ignored her until it got so loud I was sure she'd wake the others. Good thing I went upstairs. She had regurgitated (to use Grandma's word for it, lol) in her bed and aparenty aspirated some into her lungs. I ended up sitting on the floor of the *newly cleaned* bathroom, holding her over the comode for 40 min. until she coughed it (and regurgitated it) out. I felt so bad for her; she must have swallowed too much pool water.

But I was SOOOOOO thankful I could sit on the bathroom floor in ease vs. having to pay attention to avoid the worst of the yuck down there. And I was thankful to have healthy children. What if having sick children were a normal part of my life?


Jim and Lilla are probably minutes away and I need to quickly dust my LR/DR and run over MY bathroom quickly. What would the house look like if we worked on it daily, and I didn't have to rush like a mad woman when I know s'one is coming? Thank God he doesn't put off cleansing my heart.

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